Where Should Your Dollars Go?

Consumer spending accounts for approximately 70% of U.S. economic activity. The average American spends more than $3 million over their lifetime. A typical large company spends millions of dollars on politicians, their political action committees, and other issue advocacy organizations. (Source: ProgressiveShopper.com)

Many corporations give millions of dollars to politicians/political parties/organizations who support abortion bans, are election and climate deniers and pass anti-LGBTQ and voter suppression laws. If we stop spending at these companies and demand they immediately DIVEST from anti-human rights entities, we can apply political pressure to elected officials to do their job and pass legislation that supports human rights.

Progressive Shopper is a great resource to see how much money corporations give to political parties, politicians, and more. 

  • Boycott any company who is funding anti-human rights politicians/political parties.
  • EMAIL any company you do business with and demand they  STOP CONTRIBUTING TO CORRUPT POLITICS IMMEDIATELY.
  • Notify them you’ll boycott until they make public they have divested from corrupt politicians and support the passage of laws that protect human rights.
  • Say you’ll end your subscription at the end of the month if they don’t make the change immediately.
Shop Local/Minority-Owned Businesses like the ones found HERE (a crowd-sourced list of small, women/LGBTQ/BIPOC/ally-owned businesses).
  • Choose one of these businesses or other small, local, and/or women and minority owned businesses to shop with as often as possible.
Support local, small business and diverse local communities one purchase at a time.  THIS SITE allows searching via any/all of the following criteria:
  • Find: business, product, service
  • Where: neighborhood, city, state
  • Community: Asian, Black, Disability, Family, LGBTQ, Native, Social Enterprise, Veteran, Woman