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Consumer spending accounts for approximately 70% of U.S. economic activity. Click more about your spending.

Weekly Actions

Do you want to take action? These are weekly actions you can do! Click here to view the Google Calendar.

'UNITE' Call-to-Action Board

We’ve given the classic ‘BINGO’ board an update and filled it with ways to help BRING OUR LAWS BACK TO THE 21ST CENTURY where they belong.

Protests Calendar

Click here to view Strike for America members' shared Rally & Protest events across the nation.

Educational Videos

Learn more about our organization, our goals, and more with these educational videos created by Strike for America members.

Abortion Resources

A regularly updated spreadsheet of abortion related resources.

Senator Call List

Quick scroll & click Senator contact listing by state made by some of our group members.

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Complete this form to submit an event to appear on our Rallies & Protests calendar hosted by Strike for America.

Corporate Repro Benefits

This resource is a roundup of corporations who are leading the way in bringing more transparency to Abortion Care coverage in the private sector.

Spend With Intention

Support local and small business and diverse and local communities one purchase at a time.