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  • I am committed to securing and codifying into law Basic Human Rights for ALL persons, and the restoration and permanent protection of democratic principles and practices at ALL levels of government. I will NOT stop until OUR demands are met and we have succeeded in restoring and forever guaranteeing these rights in the United States. 
  • I will Strike for America when we have 3.5% of the population on board.  I will stay home and/or not  spend any money. If I can, I will continue to strike in as many ways I possibly can, for as long as it takes, until our demands are met. If I cannot strike from work, I will continue to not spend at companies that fund politicians who do not support basic human rights.
  • I will exert my own personal economic power and will not spend money at companies/corporations that support candidates, elected officials, parties or PACs at the federal or state level who do not support us. Strike for America will have directed days of action where you can contact companies you have subscribed to (banks, credit card companies, insurance, phone, cable providers, grocery stores, chain stores, gas stations, etc.) and let them know you’ve chosen to stop spending money with them and will end your subscriptions unless the company immediately stops contributing to corrupt politics. 
  • I will exert my own personal political power and contact my elected officials at the federal and state level. I will tell them I am a member of Strike for America. I will demand that laws be immediately passed that codify human rights for all. Strike for America will have directed days of action where you can contact each of your elected officials with a specific message.


  • [MY COMPANY] is committed to the removal of corporate money from *Anti-human rights candidates, elected officials, parties and political action committees (PACs) at the federal, state and local level. *Companies are welcome to divest from all contributions to all political parties.
  • [MY COMPANY] will continue to work toward greater sustainability for the health and wellbeing of ALL persons and the planet as a whole.