Our Goals

Our goal: abolish the U.S. Senate filibuster and pass a series of bills that are stuck in the Senate that will protect human rights by law. The only way to force the minority to act is to cut off their funding, so we’re striking and targeting corporations and companies contributing to the minority. 

We won’t stop until we rebalance the scales of justice and demand our elected officials pass legislation supporting equal rights for all.

What is a filibuster and why does it matter?

  • Currently, for a law to be passed, the U.S. Senate has to vote on it. In order for that vote to even happen, 60 senators have to agree to have a vote. A simple majority (51 votes) isn’t enough. That is the FILIBUSTER RULE. Basically, it means that 41 senators (a minority) can keep ALL 100 senators from bringing a bill to a vote at all, making it really easy to stop anything from getting done.
  • In short, the Filibuster rule is the equivalent of taking your toys and going home, AND closing the playground so no one can play at all. Until this rule is abolished, no matter how much support something has, a minority of senators can stop it from even being brought to the table.
  • If we want the Senate to better represent us — and actually act in the interest of the American people, not just the powerful few — we must immediately eliminate the filibuster.
  • It would only take a simple majority vote in the Senate to eliminate the filibuster (51 votes). But unfortunately, some Democratic senators [Senator Joe Manchin, (D) West Virginia and Senator Kyrsten Sinema, (D) Arizona] have said they will NOT eliminate the filibuster rule.
  • That’s why we must let Senators Manchin and Sinema and the Republican Senators know that the American people are demanding they do what’s right for our democracy.