Get Involved

Do what you can!

Be the hummingbird. If enough of us participate in this movement, we can accomplish anything.

We're Just Getting Started...

July 13 was the first punch. Get plugged in with Daily Actions via our Weekly Actions Calendar and stay in the loop for larger events in your area and nationwide on our Rallies & Protests Calendar.

We need numbers - Sign the Pledge!

Signing the pledge signifies that you support the movement and will do what you can. It is important that we get numbers of signups to show lawmakers that we have real support behind the movement. If you do nothing else- SIGN THE PLEDGE TODAY!

Keep Your Wallets Closed

Join us on 'Prime 'Day' (July 13th) as we make our first united stand. 'Prime Day' is one of the top 5 shopping days of the year. DO NOT SPEND A DIME WITH ANY CORPORATE RETAILERS FOR THIS 24 HOURS. Continue to not spend money at companies that do not support us. See 'Where to Shop' on our Resources page to learn more about where your money is going.

Use Your Voice

Join a protest, hit up a rally, MAKE SOME NOISE! Keep the cash registers quiet and turn you passion all the way up!

Spread the Word

Share our social media channels, website and information with your friends and family by any means you have - we are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. Utilize our hashtags to get more traction!

Donate to Supportive Organizations

Help out those hit hardest by donating time, supplies, or money to organizations that directly support the immediate needs of our community.