'A Day Without Us' Action Plan

We will Strike for America on July 13, 2022.

Stay home.

Do not spend a single penny.

No shopping. No spending.

No work.

We will show our power by intentionally refusing to participate in the financial economy by spending or earning money.

Why Focus On Money?

Capitalism.  The corporations have huge political lobbying power and leverage. The language they understand is $. Threaten their bottom line and they will pay attention.

Why July 13th?  

This date was chosen for multiple reasons:

  • Amazon Prime Day (hit ‘em when it will have the most impact)
  • Let It Simmer – scheduled far enough in time from the overturn of Roe v. Wade as to not be dismissed as simply an emotional reaction
  • Avoid overlap with Pride festivities
  • Avoid overlap with 4th of July (many businesses are closed and would not notice a strike)

What If I Need To Buy Something?

Do what you can.  We encourage having all necessities on hand before July 13th, but realize that is not possible for everyone.  Please take care of yourself and only do what feels good and safe for you. If you do need to make a purchase during the Strike, please consider supporting local women and/or minority-owned small businesses whenever possible.

Stay Home From Work. 

To spend $, we have to earn $.  Stay home from work and let the rest of them experience life without your labor.

What If I Have To Work?

Do what you can.  We understand that it is a privilege to stay home from work without jeopardizing your livelihood.  We also understand that the work of many is caring for others who will suffer if nobody shows up.

If you do need to work during the STRIKE, please consider other ways of showing support such as; posting on social media, wearing black a shirt, an arm band, paint your fingernails black, anything big or small to show solidarity, telling your co-workers about the STRIKE (if you can without jeopardizing your job). Instead of buying coffee on the way into work, make it at home, etc. Do what you can!

Social Media

ENGAGE. Like, comment, share, invite your friends. ALL of it! We are on all social media platforms. HELP US gain the followers and momentum to make this as nation wide as possible.

On July 13, 2022

When and if you choose to use social media, please, use our hashtags, promote the Strike for America! Bring attention to our movement! 

Make our silence so loud, it can’t be ignored.

YOU have a lot of POWER. Use it. Don’t sign a petition or use Resistbot. CALL and email your elected officials and every company you have a subscription with from your own phone and your own account. Take the time to exert your personal power. You will make an impact.

Here’s your Action Plan to Save Democracy:

  1. CALL your US Senators. Find Your Senators Here
    • Tell them you’ve joined the Strike for America to take back our power.
    • Demand they abolish the filibuster immediately. Tell them you will strike until they abolish the filibuster and come to the table to pass equal rights for all. 
    • To insure this happens, you will spend NO money with companies that support Republican candidates, elected officials or Political Action Committees (PACs).
  1. Go to Progressive Shopper and see how much money corporations give to Republicans. 

    • Boycott immediately any company that is funding Republicans.
    • If you must spend, choose to shop local, women-owned or minority-owned businesses as much as you can.
  1. EMAIL every company you have a subscription with (bank, credit card, insurance, phone, cable, grocery store, car loan, internet, etc.). 
    • Tell them you’ve joined the Strike for America to take back our power.
    • Tell them you will END YOUR SUBSCRIPTION at the end of the month if they continue to give money to Republican candidates, elected officials or Political Action Committees (PACs).